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We both dreamed big!

“I like to speak in metaphor, so I hope this makes sense. My greatest passions in life are friends and family, food, music and art. From where I look now, my professional career seems like a well-planned menu of all these things. After three restaurants, and two catering services, I am now collaborating with one my dearest friends, Ezie (short for Ezmira, so don’t call her Izzy), who I met at VCU in the early 80’s. I had just finished a fine arts program, and went on to finish a degree in Mathematical/Computer Science. Ezie was also completing her degree at the VCU School of the Arts. We quickly realized that we shared the same passions. We also realized that we both dreamed big! Ezie and I started a catering service in Northern Virginia, followed by a studio gallery in Georgetown in the 90’s. When she and her husband Jim relocated to Richmond in 2021, it only made sense that we do something else new together…Boyd Realty Group Home Center.

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