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With more than four decades of experience in residential real estate, our agents know the Richmond market inside and out. Working as a team, we’ll help you find a property while balancing the twin demands of need and budget in a competitive, fast-moving market. Our long-standing relationships with lenders, inspectors, contractors, and settlement agents ensure your transaction moves seamlessly from start to finish.

We’re here from day ONE to CLOSE.


Mortgage Pre-approval

• How much house can you afford?

• Lender letters strengthen offers

Buyer’s Home Buying Survey

Identify Styles, Features, Price Range, Areas, New or Resale

Locating and Viewing Properties

• Preview via emails

• View by driving by or going inside

Making an Offer

Analyze the situation and put your best foot forward.

Negotiation and Acceptance

• Determine priorities, strengths and weaknesses

• Assess the Seller’s position

Working with your Lender and Closing Agent

• Appraisal and Title Search

• Loan Commitment

Home Inspection

• Adhere to timeframe

• Curing defects versus cosmetics and improvements

Walk Through

• Check on Home Inspection items and condition

• Arrange to get keys


• Own your new home!

Note: This is a general description of the steps involved in buying a home and is not intended to be a thorough or comprehensive representation of the process.

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