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Our knowledgeable agents are here to walk you through every step of preparing your home for sale. We start with pre-listing consultation, in which we’ll discuss what steps may be necessary to bring your home to market. We offer in-house design and renovation services, if required, as well as relationships with stagers, inspectors, contractors, and settlement agents to ensure your transaction moves seamlessly from start to finish.

We’re here from day ONE to CLOSE.


Determine the Selling Price

• Review neighborhood CMAs

• Consider current market conditions

Develop Marketing Strategy

MLS description, brochures, Open Houses, newspaper ads,

yard signs, direct mail

Prepare the House to Show

• Discuss possible improvements

• Keep the house in 'show' condition

List and Show the House

Discuss showing schedule, try to accommodate potential buyers

Review Offers

• Remember goals and limitations, and be realistic

• Assess the Buyer’s position

Accepting the Offer

• Be available and respond on time

• Consider counter-offers

Buyer's Home Inspection

• Review inspection report and buyer's addendum

• Consider all terms of the offer, prepare a reasonable response

Seller's Responsibilities

• Termite inspection

• Homeowner's Association Packet (when applicable)


• Sign the deed of conveyance prepared by your attorney

• Deliver the home in 'broom-swept condition' and turn over keys

Note: This is a general description of the steps involved in buying a home and is not intended to be a thorough or comprehensive representation of the process.

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