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Meet Jo

Jo Ann has a unique capability to adapt to each and every one of her transactions. She's a versatile agent and for the past six years has helped her clients with successful and joyful purchases and sales. Her biggest asset is a toolbelt full of versatile tools and she has a knack for providing a friendly and at ease approach to her business.

Jo Ann's sole goal is to get her clients to the closing table comfortably and without stress. Her empathetic nature allows for trust and she wants to help clients not only buy a home that fits them, but also a community they can thrive in.


“I want to be the narrator of people's home stories and be the next chapter in their home journeys.”
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My Story

It’s true. I never thought in my myriad of career choices, I’d find myself here. Real estate was never on my radar, and this self proclaimed Dame of All Trades was smitten the moment I opened the door. I’ve since opened quite a few doors for clients and can confidently say, nothing compares to helping people find home.

I hail from the tropical isthmus of Panama, was raised in the hellish humidity of Cajun country in Louisiana, became a teen and adult in RVA, escaped and found myself in the boroughs of New York and I finally came home to nest in what I now call my home, Richmond, VA.

My background is in Web Development and Marketing. My real estate adventure began six years ago and although I’ve been everything from a paralegal to a bartender, helping others is truly my pursuit of happiness.

I am a published writer and photographer, and there may have been some stage and radio time in my day. I like to make people laugh and I also like to help them discover worlds they may have never considered being a part of. I like to give back and I support my local businesses with fervor.

Culture is a huge part of who I am (Chinese-Panamanian-Cajun American) and I love learning about linguistics, history, and listening to stories. I graduated from VCU with a Computer Science degree, that I may or may not utilize to my full advantage, but my heart is in words, pictures, and places.

When I’m not showing houses or listing them, I’m enjoying live music, writing, binging on period or indie flicks, singing karaoke in hideaway motorcycle shops (Pat Benatar would cringe), photographing interesting things and events, indulging in red wine, watching Liverpool demolish other teams, or working on my books. Oh yes, and spending time with Canadian, Tesla loving electrician and musician, Mister for Life, Dan, and trying to keep up with my 11 year old step daughter.

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