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Meet Jessica

When the prospect of Life’s major, often complicated, tasks of buying or selling a home begin to bog you down, Jessica Pi specializes in simplifying those processes for you. Paired with her drive to be her most Genuine, Trustworthy & Knowledgeable-self – Jessica always keeps her clients in the forefront of her mind. Her care and attention to detail will always be on full display when representing you as your Real Estate expert.

Jessica began her career in the Real Estate industry back in 2017 where she worked as a listing coordinator, assisting Agents and ensuring that all transactions were handled from Contract Signing to Close! Her journey to becoming licensed as a realtor was a “Baptism by Fire” of sorts as she didn’t gain knowledge about the industry through classroom lecture. Rather, she became an expert by being thrown in the deep end, having to learn the intricacies and tricks of the real estate trade on the job.

When Jessica isn't practicing real estate, she's reading, taking longs walks with her pup Benji and learning all of what Richmond has to fall in love with. 

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