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Nice people helping nice people.


A talented team of experts ready to help you buy, sell, design or renovate.

Helping make dreams come true, one home at a time.



"Todd Boyd of Boyd Realty Group is an excellent Realtor. Not only does he deeply care about his clients, he wants to find them a home they will love and enjoy. Todd is easy to work with and very knowledgeable. He is responsive and offers sound advice and insight, step-by-step throughout the home-buying process. I highly recommend Todd!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Lindsey L.

"Boyd Realty Group were phenomenal. Our situation was a low-commission, tight timeline, wide area, and low-budget search (a Realtor's dream). Being a detailed accountant, let me list my top reasons why I believe he is the best choice: 1) Todd was always available. His communication was extremely prompt & knowledgeable. 2) Todd was always oriented with our search as well as our wants, needs, and preferences. Not once did we feel that we were anything other than his top clients. 3) Todd is charismatic and personable. He worked extremely well with homeowners and other professionals. Todd also always has advice and suggestions if needed/wanted, but was excellent about not pushing.  4) Todd possesses expertise in the industry. Time after time, I would pepper him with questions, and each time I would receive a thorough and accurate answer (trust me; I checked). Two years ago I did not know Todd. Now, I recommend Todd to anyone looking for a Realtor and will continue to go to him until the day he retires."

Jessica and Keaton

"Todd and Boyd Realty Group were extremely pleasant and professional. Todd was gracious enough to drive hours to our area to present the house to our family, explain the purchase process, and close the deal. Todd also provided great advice and keeps in contact with our family."

Tiffany W.

"There are many positive things I could say about the Boyd Realty Group, but it sums up well by mentioning their exemplary professionalism and  altruistic approach to matching real estate with people. They have been invaluable to me, and the least I can do is highly recommend them to others."

Stephanie M.

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