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Come on in, have a seat, and let us show you RVA's most unique realty and design group.

nice people helping nice people.

Image by Hannah Busing

At BRG we pride ourselves as neighborhood contributors, community allies, and expert advocates in real estate. When you enter our showroom, you enter our family room where you'll find knowledgeable agents, a friendly staff, and a one stop shop for all your home needs.

Have a Seat

Are you looking to buy or sell a home? Did you want to meet with our professional design team? Perhaps you are looking to renovate your home with some custom products? We can help in more ways than one!

Stephanie M

"There are many positive things I could say about the Boyd Realty Group, but it sums up well by mentioning their exemplary professionalism and  altruistic approach to matching real estate with people. They have been invaluable to me, and the least I can do is highly recommend them to others."
Breaking Bread

We are a unique business. We care about our neighbors, our clients, our family, and our friends. We provide a safe space that is comfortable and allows us to have real conversations.

Become Part of the Family

We'd like to invite you to the table. Are you an Agent looking for a home? Are you tired of the same approach to real estate? 

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