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Todd Boyd

Founder & CEO

Todd has been in the business of real estate for nearly two decades. He takes a holistic view of home-selling and -buying, understanding that a person’s home is worth much more than its dollar value.


Todd doesn’t see himself as a salesperson. Rather, he’s a partner and advocate, helping clients find the right property and navigating a sale. He’s also available for renovation and design work, because he’s seen how the right alterations can make all the difference.


“I don’t talk people into buying something,” Todd says. “I view myself as a facilitator. I try to help my client find the find the home that they love, and then I guide and protect them through the process.”


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Ezie Junkala

Director of Operations/ Partner

A longtime partner with Todd Boyd in a variety of business ventures – a home furnishing business, a catering and home meal delivery service – Ezie accepted her calling to the real estate business after being involved in buying, selling, and renovating 10+ homes.


Now, she’s working with Todd again, ensuring an attention to detail across all of the firm’s activities. She believes in the power of positive planning – paying attention to what is happening as well as what will come – as a way to keep projects on track.



Paul Linegar

Licensed Realtor

A Richmond native and Realtor with more than four decades of experience, Paul began in the industry as a home builder. His vast knowledge of the market, as well as industries that support homeowners, is invaluable.


Paul believes in being a hands-on agent, because he knows that every transaction involves myriad steps and processes. The best path to a seamless sale involves thoughtful conversations and careful management, and Paul is here for that.


Kyle Linegar

Licensed Realtor

Kyle is a third-generation Realtor, following in the steps of his father and grandfather. He believes there’s no better feeling than finding someone their dream home – whether it’s their first home, or their tenth.


In addition to working with private homeowners, Kyle helps investors find the right properties to meet their financial targets. He knows that volatile markets create opportunities and also special challenges. His goal is to communicate realistic expectations while working with clients to maximize outcomes.


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Bill Watson Jr. & Lenny Carlson

Licensed Realtors

Bill and Lenny have been selling real estate in Central Virginia for more than 30 years.They work as a team, and their primary focus is investment buying, selling, rental and renovation.

Bill -  804-218-8230

Lenny -  804-218-0873

Bill Watson III

Licensed Realtor

A Realtor with more than a decade spent buying and selling homes, Bill’s area of expertise is focused on investment properties. He knows how to assess a property’s value, not only for today’s enjoyment but tomorrow’s sale.



Jen Butler

Licensed Realtor

Jen recently got into real estate because she buys and sells houses for herself and family, and she’s really good at it! She has the ability to see a house that may not have been cared for, and see the potential. 

Love spending time with her kids, family, and friends. Jen and her husband are avid travelers and foodies.  Real estate seems to be a good fit because she genuinely takes great pleasure working with others and seeing them happy and successful. Jen is currently working as a referral agent and is based in Northern Virginia.


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BJ Revis

Licensed Realtor

This father of three is a longtime Richmond resident. He works with buyers, sellers and investors. BJ loves being a part of his community and coaches, football and track at the high school he attended.


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