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We're Ready to Open Doors!

With more than four decades of experience in residential real estate, our agents know the Richmond market inside and out. Working as a team, we’ll help you find a property while balancing the twin demands of need and budget in a competitive, fast-moving market. Our long-standing relationships with lenders, inspectors, contractors, and settlement agents ensure your transaction moves seamlessly from start to finish.

We’re here from day ONE to CLOSE.

From us to home easily...

We make the homebuying process as stress-free and efficient as possible. Always here to answer your questions and guiding you along the road to homeownership.

01: Mortgage Pre-Approval

  • How much house can you afford?

  •  Lender letters strengthen offers

04: Making an Offer

  • Analyze the situation and put your best foot forward.

07: Home Inspection

  • Adhere to time frame

  • Curing defects versus cosmetics and improvements

02: Buyer's Homebuying Survey

  • Identify Styles, Features, Price Range, Areas, New or Resale

05: Negotiation & Acceptance

  • Determine priorities, strengths and weaknesses

  • Assess the Seller’s position

08: Walk Through

  • Check on Home Inspection items and condition

  • Arrange to get keys

03: Locating & Viewing Properties

  • Preview via emails

  • View by driving by or going inside

06: Working with Your Lender and Closing Agent

  • Appraisal and Title Search

  • Loan Commitment

09: Closing

  • Welcome to Owing Your New Home!

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